Niños con Fe Orphanage, Tijuana, México

La Esperanza Tijuana Mexico PV array
Solar will lower the orphanage's electric bill, saving the orphanage money each month.


An estimated 6,000+ children live in the streets of Tijuana, and both public and private institutions struggle to provide adequate resources. Private orphanages like Niños con Fe do not receive any financial support from the Mexican government, and most community donations are one-time gifts of toys and books. In addition to the favorable climate impacts, solarizing their property is a significant way in which Niños con Fe can reduce its operating expenses.

Casa Hogar Niños con Fe was founded in 2014 and is home to 35 children and adolescents. Niños con Fe provides care, attention, and a favorable environment for minors in vulnerable situations with a comprehensive care model based on the principles of Love, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, Justice, and Autonomy.



Niños con Fe Orphanage, Tijuana, México


Solar will create a positive change for the home, significantly reducing the home’s monthly electric bill and providing peace of mind for the administrators. The orphanage can reinvest their savings to purchase other needed items for the children like clothes, medicine, doctor and dentist visits, food, and school supplies.


With your support, GRID proposes installing a 9 kilowatt (kW) grid-tied solar system to reduce Niños con Fe’s bill by 93%, saving the home approximately USD $160 each month for the next 20+ years, helping to prevent at least 259 metric tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of planting nearly 4,300 trees, providing clean air impacts that benefit all.


La Esperanza Tijuana Sign

In October 2023 GRID and a group of international travelers from IGS Energy will bring solar to the orphanage to help lower the center’s electric bill of $70 per month.  This monthly cost savings can be reinvested back into the orphanage to support the children and to help cover the orphanage’s ongoing costs like daily meals, clothing and supplies.

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Thank you, IGS, for supporting this project.