Solar-powered Drip Irrigation for the Luna Family Farm

Lorenzo Luna cows
Reliable irrigation pumped with solar electricity will benefit the Luna farm and family.

The Luna family lives in the department of Boaco in Nicaragua.  Their community does not have access to the national electric grid, so the family gets water from a nearby well using a gasoline generator.  The generator costs the family about $25 per week, creates noise and air pollution, and requires the family to travel to buy gas.  The plants are watered by hand, which often results in water waste and inconsistent irrigation.  

Lorenzo Luna well

A solar-powered drip irrigation system would offset the gasoline cost and emissions and would allow the plants to receive drips of water consistently, a method known to be plant and water-friendly.  Solar panels pump water from the well into a storage tank and gravity delivers the water to the plants through drip irrigation tubes, giving the plants a regular supply of just enough water.

Lorenzo Luna

The irrigation system will be used to irrigate the crops, to bring water to the cattle, chickens and pigs, and will provide water for the Luna family and nearby families.  Having access to water is essential for families, animals and crops to prosper and clean energy makes this system both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Home of Lorenzo Luna La Trinidad Boaco

Project Dates: 2024

Location: Nicaragua

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