Tribal Solarthon a success!

GRID Alternatives' Tribal Solarthon event showcased our work bringing solar power and solar job training to tribal communities across the country. Over the course of two weeks, we installed solar in four different communities in California, Arizona, South Dakota and New York.

 Learn more about each of our projects: 

Solar partnership brings Bishop Paiute Tribe's vision of sustainability to life
GRID Alternatives has partnered with the Bishop Paiute Tribe since 2013 to help advance its vision of energy self-sufficiency on the reservation. To date, we have brought solar power to over 50 families and provided hands-on training to more then 30 Tribal job trainees, including six women. This four-home project kicked off a U.S. Department of Energy grant for 22 home solar installations and an energy fair to increase awareness about solar energy within the Tribe. Read the full story here


Shinnecock meet climate change with oysters, sand and solar panels
GRID completed two grid-tied systems on two single family homes on the Shinnecock Nation tribal lands outside of Southampton, NY, kicking off a project vision of 50 residential installations and a battery-backed system on the Shinnecock Community Center. The Nation was hard hit by Superstorm Sandy; this battery-backed system will provide a place for medications, charging of cell phones, and more during an emergency. We worked with Shinnecock volunteers on this project. Read the full story here


Solar fills electricity gap in the Navajo Nation
We installed an off-grid solar electric system for a Vietnam Veteran in the Leupp Chapter area of the Navajo Nation. The home was built by Navajo Veterans and is among 15,000 on Navajo lands that do not have access to electricity. Tribal members from the Tolani Lake/Leupp/Bird Springs Chapter Houses participated in the installation. Read the full story here. 


Solar takes the chill out of winter for Rosebud Sioux
Facing significant economic challenges in its community, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe is looking at solar PV as a way increase job opportunities and reduce energy costs for residents. GRID worked with the Rosebud community to install a gridtied residential PV system to provide solar training for students at the Sinte Gleska University, as well as local community members. Read the full story here.