Policy and Program Development

GRID Alternatives is a leading voice in renewable energy access, driving policies at the state and local level that support solar access for underserved communities and helping design and implement low-income solar programs.

Low-income solar policy leadership

GRID Alternatives provides national leadership on low-income solar policy, advocating for underserved communities across the country and advising local, state and Federal government agencies, as well as utilities and other community stakeholders, on best practices for solar access. In the last three years, we have partnered with community and other advocacy organizations to secure major wins for solar access in California, Colorado, Washington D.C. and Illinois.

State program development and administration

In 2009, GRID Alternatives led the implementation of the nation’s first low-income solar incentive program for single-family homeowners under the California Solar Initiative, bringing 16MW of solar to over 5200 households in the program’s initial 7-year run, while providing 13,000 individuals with hands-on solar installation experience. The success of the program led to its renewal in 2013, and in 2015 to funding for a parallel program through the California Department of Community Services and Development’s Low-Income Weatherization Program, which GRID Alternatives also helps administer. Both of these programs serve as a model for state programs nationally, and GRID is currently working with stakeholders to build out similar programs in Washington D.C. and Illinois.

Low-Income Solar Policy Guide

The Low-Income Solar Policy Guide is a project of GRID Alternatives and Vote Solar to provide a roadmap to successful policies and programs that are expanding access to solar technology and jobs nationwide. Visit www.lowincomesolar.org.

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