Save Money With Smart Energy Choices

You can lower your electric bills by following these simple energy tips.

Even with solar panels, reducing the energy you use in your home can mean more savings for you. And it does not have to mean sacrificing comfort or spending lots of money on gadgets or house upgrades. You can try some or all of these tips in your house at little to no cost. So start making smart energy choices now to reduce your energy bills and help the environment!

If you don’t have solar yet, you can reduce your energy costs by going solar at no cost with GRID.


Adjust your refrigerator temperature. 
Set your refrigerator to 36-40°F and your freezer to 5°F to save up to 15% more energy!


Stay cool in the summer.
Use as much natural ventilation as possible. If you have a thermostat, set the temperature to 78°F or higher and use fans to keep cool. On very hot days, take a cold shower twice a day or visit an air-conditioned public facility or cooling center.

LED light bulb

Choose energy efficient lighting. 
Switching five of your home’s most frequently used lights to Light Emitting Diodes (LED) bulbs could save you approximately $75* a year in energy costs. When possible, use natural light from windows.


Warm up in the winter. 
Home heating and cooling make up 43% of household energy usage! Open blinds and curtains to let the sun heat your home. Draw the drapes close at night to keep your home warm. If you have a thermostat, set your temperature to 68°F or lower and wear something warm.

Power strip

Use power strips and surge protectors.
Power strips make it easier to turn off multiple electronics when not in use. If you must leave them on, activate energy-saving or sleep modes. By using power strips and unplugging your appliances, you could save approximately $100* a year.


Reduce your hot water use. 
If your home’s hot water heater is electric, wasting hot water also wastes electricity. Take shorter showers and fill your sink to wash dishes to avoid wasting hot water.


Join an energy efficiency program.  
Your city or utility may have free energy efficiency programs like the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) that can provide a more comprehensive energy audit of your home. Sign up and increase your savings!

Energy Star logo

Use energy-saving appliances. 
Using ENERGY STAR-certified appliances throughout your home could help you save up to $750 over appliance lifetime. Check with your local electric utility for Energy Assistance Savings Programs to help you replace your appliances.