Enphase Renews Partnership


June 19, 2019

You have to look underneath a solar module to see the important contribution Enphase Energy makes to our work. Since 2012, Enphase Energy has supported GRID as an equipment partner; we use their microinverters for many of our solar installations in underserved communities. What exactly is a microinverter? They convert direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity...in other words, microinverters convert the sun’s energy into usable power for your home. Without them, we can’t use solar! 

Enphase microinverters have made 25 MW of solar energy possible for over 7,000 low-income families across the country. To celebrate the renewal of our partnership this year, eight Enphase employees joined GRID for a 5.3 kilowatt solar installation for a Bay Area family. Many of the volunteers were Enphase designers and engineers - familiar with the technology and theory, but working for the first time with their equipment on the roof. 

Addressing climate injustice with clean energy is a big reason why Enphase partners with GRID. “GRID is doing the right thing, the right way,” says JD Dillon, Vice President of Marketing at Enphase Energy. Our partnership with Enphase will help GRID reach our goal of 10 more Megawatts of solar energy installed this year, one install at a time. 

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