An important message from our founders

Tim and I and everyone in the GRID family hope you and yours are staying safe during this unprecedented time. We want to share with you what GRID is doing to stay safe and the financial impact the global pandemic is having on our organization and our staff.

As a result of a massive loss of revenue, we have had to make the difficult decision to significantly reduce costs, reducing hours or furloughing many of our staff. Thanks to emergency support from a longstanding funder, we are able to continue to provide health benefits to all staff for at least three months and are pursuing every avenue to progressively bring staff back.

[May 2020 Update: We have accessed funding through the Paycheck Protection Program! This funding allows us to restore staff to pre-April levels as of May 4 through at least the end of June. Thank you to the Bank of San Francisco for helping us navigate the program. The support of GRID's community is critical to help us continue to deliver on our mission!]

While these challenges are very real, GRID has always fought for resilience and equity. We are confident we can make the hard decisions and emerge stronger and more resilient than ever.

The world is clamoring for solutions like ours and this crisis has highlighted the importance of access to affordable, renewable and reliable clean energy. We know you want to see GRID succeed just as much as we do and we’re grateful to know you’ll be standing with us and supporting us as we get through this together.

Stay safe,

Erica Mackie
GRID co-founder and CEO

Ps. Our virtual fundraiser, Interconnection, will be a great opportunity to bring the entire GRID community together to continue to support and fight for resilience and climate justice. We hope you all show up for GRID at Interconnection on May 7th!