Putting the pieces together


July 14, 2011

Lawrence Jackson worked with GRID Alternatives to install solar panels on his home, not just to lower his bills but also "to help the environment - I want to be be part of the solution, not part of the problem."

Eighty years old but "always ready to learn something new," Lawrence helped install his own solar electric system thanks to a partnership between GRID Alternatives and the San Francisco Department of the Environment to help bring the benefits of renewable energy to local families that have historically lived in the shadow of polluting, fossil fuel power plants.

After his own solar electric system was installed by GRID Alternatives, Lawrence wanted to do something to give back. He now volunteers to help his neighbors go solar, and enjoys the camaraderie that develops between neighbors and volunteers as much as he enjoys saving money and energy.

When you work with GRID Alternatives, said Lawrence, "you're working together. It all comes together like a beautiful puzzle."