State investments in solar power and electric vehicles bring relief to family


April 24, 2018

Last week, Senator Kevin de León joined GRID for the installation of an electric vehicle charger for the Figueroa family of East Los Angeles, demonstrating how the pairing of solar power and an electric vehicle through two state programs working in concert can ease a family’s energy burden and contribute to clean air.

Both programs, the Low-Income Weatherization Program (Solar), which is being implemented by GRID Alternatives, and the “Charge Ahead” program through the South Coast Air Quality Management District are funded by California Climate Investments (CCI). CCI is a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities.  

The Figueroas purchased a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle after getting a no-cost solar electric system through GRID. Their 2.3 kilowatt solar system will not only power the car, but also reduce household electricity bills, saving them an estimated $850 annually in electricity costs, in addition to their savings from gasoline.

California’s low-income solar and EV programs are also making a tangible impact on air quality, reducing tailpipe emissions directly in the community, while contributing to the state’s growing clean energy capacity.

“This is a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Zach Franklin, GRID's Chief Strategy Officer. “We’re bringing economic opportunity at the same time we’re cleaning up the air, and helping families live more affordably in their homes.”

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