Why I Gave to GRID


January 31, 2019
Evan, a previous GRID volunteer, poses in a Tesla hat on top of a roof.

Evan got his start in the solar industry by volunteering with GRID Alternatives. Last year, Evan decided to give back to the organization that opened the door to his new career. 

In 2013, I was in college, delivering pizzas in my free time. I decided I wanted to get into the solar industry and signed up for some classes. My photovoltaic teacher recommended that anyone who wants to get in the field should become a volunteer with GRID. So, I signed up and helped with a few installs in Sonoma County.

Volunteering with GRID helped me get a job and it gave me real life experience. I got to be an installer, learning about safety and actually installing panels on a roof. The experience made me realize that I could really do this!

Shortly after volunteering with GRID, I landed a job with SolarCity. I started out as a Junior Installer, and found myself running a crew within a year, installing solar panels and storage systems. Next, I took a role with Quality Assurance/Training Team. It’s awesome - I love what I do - there are so many opportunities that have opened up to me and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

I donated to GRID’s End of Year campaign because I wanted to give back to the program that helped me get in the solar industry. Giving back to GRID - it’s a win-win. We help our communities transition towards a clean green future, and support career growth in a field that will continue to expand - for myself and for others. The work GRID is doing, by both introducing people to the industry and bringing solar to low-income families, is critical.  Solar and storage are the future!