Meet GRID's Earth Heroes


April 22, 2019

Naomi, GRID trainee, poses in front of cherry blossoms
Naomi, GRID job trainee and park enthusiast
We are inspired this month by our Earth Heroes - our trainees, volunteers, clients, SolarCorps Fellows, staff are all commited to making our Earth a better place. Take a moment to see what incredible things our heroes are doing for renewable energy.
Are you an Earth Hero? Support renewable energy for everyone.

I'm an Earth Hero!


"I want to work in solar to promote sustainability."

Naomi Hawk, a life-long DC resident, is committed to improving her community through volunteering, cleaning up parks with the Student Conservation Association, recycling, and gardening. Naomi is taking her passion for sustainability and turning it into a career as a solar job trainee with GRID Mid-Atlantic. Through a twelve-week hands-on solar installation program, Naomi is gaining experience on the roof. 


Rosana poses on a roof with a hard hat and harness
Rosana, GRID volunteer and stellar fundraiser



"I love volunteering for GRID because it's so satisfying at the end of the day to see the concrete results of your work — and because with this one simple action, we help underserved communities, local economies, and the planet."

Not only is Rosana a superstar volunteer, she is also a great advocate for our mission! Through her networks, Rosana has fundraised over $61,000 for GRID as a Solarthon volunteer! 





Jazz, SolarCorps stands on a roof by solar panels
Jazz, SolarCorps Fellow and sustainable homes advocate



"Recycle, re-purpose, reuse! I was raised this way."

Both on and off the construction site, Jameelah Koehler, better known as Jazz, is passionate about building sustainable communities. Jazz is a SolarCorps Construction Fellow with GRID San Diego, using her year of service to give back to the San Diego community while gaining solar experience. Jazz is using her skills outside of her Fellowship to eradicate homelessness by building sustainable homes with BeauMond Project.



Ana, Gabriela, Esmerelda, and Juan Macias, pose in front of their family
Macias family, GRID clients and community leaders




 "Before going solar, our electric bills were close to $400. We decided to go solar to save energy and to better the environment."

Pacoima is a community on the frontlines of environmental justice. Juan and Ana Macias recently went solar with GRID Greater Los Angeles and can expect to save $16,000 and prevent 27 tons of carbon emissions over the life of their solar system. They plan to use that savings to make additional home improvements and raise their kids in a thriving community. We’re proud to work with long-standing partners in the Pacoima community.


Moose stands in front of a GRID GLA sign
Moose, GRID outreach volunteer and renewable energy advocate





“I want to be part of the renewable energy transition.”

Moose, a GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles - GLA volunteer, started his career in the oil industry. In 2011, he left the industry and traveled around the world, learning about different types of renewable energy. He became involved with GRID at Solar Power International 2018, and has become a key Outreach volunteer with GLA, helping clients go solar with GRID.

I'm an Earth Hero!