Staff Spotlight: Artemio Quintana


May 24, 2019
Picture of Artemio smiling

We are very lucky and would like everyone to meet Artemio Quintana! He is one of our new construction guys and signed on as our Warehouse Technician. Artemio has all the traits that we value here at GRID Central Valley and we are more than happy to have him on board. Here are a few things he shared with us:

How did you come to GRID?

I heard about GRID through Fresno County Workforce Connection. They were finding training programs that I’d be interested in and after taking some tests they linked me here. Fresno County Workforce Connection told me about an opportunity for a transitional job in December and I helped GRID for about 3 weeks. I heard about the Installation Basics Training (IBT) program and decided to enroll so I can learn some technical skills. After completing the program, they offered me a position and I accepted.

What have you seen or experienced from volunteering in your own life?

My volunteer experience started out by helping to care for the sick in hospitals and to feed the hungry in soup kitchens. Through this experience I found that I like to help people and making a difference in my community.

What do you most enjoy about GRID’s values?  

I love how GRID welcomes and works with people of all types of backgrounds. I have been helping out with the behind-the-walls program at Madera Corrections, and working with those trainees lets me give them another opportunity. We get to work with all types of volunteers and people and show them something that is good for everyone.

What do you wish to achieve with your solar career?

I hope to continue learning and growing. I have learned so much since I started working here and hope to continue learning each day. I recently started going to train at the Madera Correction’s and it’s been cool doing something new. I would like to keep growing and moving forward with my working career.