Staff Highlight: Shyla Black, Multi-family & Commercial Solar Program Coordinator

Shyla Black, Multifamily & Commercial Solar Program Coordinator

My favorite part of working at GRID Alternatives North Valley is helping renters save on their energy bills. Through my work here as a program coordinator of our Multifamily & Commercial Solar program, I build partnerships with affordable housing developers and community organizations so that a greater number of people can benefit from renewable energy. As planned power shut-offs increase & large utility companies continue to increase usage rates due to natural disasters, we work closely with partners to ensure that high utility costs are cut for tenant benefit allowing residents to leave more money in the home and in their own pockets. For developers and nonprofits, that money saved can be put toward capacity building and other programming that is needed to serve the larger community. 

Every time that we’re able to provide renewable energy access, renters see significant bill savings. This saved money allows people to have the flexibility to take their kids camping or pay for an after-school program. It can really be so beneficial on a day-to-day level. As somebody who grew up low-income, we didn't have opportunities to help the Earth through renewable energy as GRID Alternatives helps people do now. At GRID, we're continually emphasizing that renewable energy needs to be a part of all conversations around housing.

While it can be challenging to find the funding to help these affordable housing organizations go solar, we do our best to find it and make it happen. This is the future! We are always excited to work with partners like Mutual Housing or the Paradise Community Village on incredible new affordable housing communities that are Net Zero Energy or have solar and are really nice places to live. When people can benefit from renewable energy, I feel like I did a good day's work. Will you join me and help sustain our work by becoming a GRID Alternatives North Valley member today? Together, members make GRID's impacts a reality.

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