Staff Spotlight: Ugochukwu Ifeacho

Meet Ugochukwu (Ugo)!

Ugo studied solar installation with our partner organization, Proteus Inc. After the first install with GRID Alternatives and listening to a presentation by a current staff member, he acquired a strong desire and admiration towards GRID and decided to volunteer. Within three months, he gained a Team Leader Certification and participated at Solarthon 2016, which he enjoyed very much. Ugo is now nearing his fifth year in the Construction Department and he considers himself very blessed to be employed by GRID Alternatives.

Ugo is a Solar Designer and Solar Installation Supervisor in Training who likes to help others. One of his favorite parts of GRID is that nothing is ever the same and it keeps you on your toes. The culture at GRID is like a family structure and Ugo leads the Central Valley’s Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (EID) team, whose goal is to provide EID training to staff, offer tools to make us better at working towards equity inside and outside of GRID and to build a stronger community with one another.

When ask “Who is a current Black history-maker that people should know about?”, he credits his parents. In Nigeria, his parents have helped several families and the communities. He also acknowledges Denzel Washington, specifically his “Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Big, to Dream Big” speech and he appreciates Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

He said that some of the things that GRID is working on that he is really excited to see happen this year is how GRID created a task force for COVID-19 to keep the staff safe. They started EID meetings where he didn’t feel like the only black person, and he has the opportunity to have an outlet, if he needs to. He also likes having a job at GRID. Ugo is grateful for everyone he works with, especially Tom, our Executive Director. He said that everyone here makes him feel comfortable.

Ugo’s laughter can be heard throughout GRID’s Central Valley office and his smile is warm and kind! Ugo was born and raised in Nigeria, he is the youngest of six siblings and a newlywed. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family, watch movies, and exercise. He is very health conscience.

Ugo is a most valuable GRID team player!