Solar puns like "you con-du-it!" abounded as University of Vermont and University of Michigan students spent their spring break with GRID Alternatives helping families go solar. Read More >
Espanola Jackson is a San Francisco Bayview resident of 46 years, community activist, grandmother to over 70 grandchildren and the proud owner of a solar powered home thanks to GRID Alternatives. Read More >
We held a big party in the heart of downtown San Francisco to celebrate the last ten years of GRID Alternatives and the partners who have helped us come this far. Read More >
California State University, Chico students joined the GRID Alternatives North Valley office at two installs in Hamilton City and Chico for their Spring Break Read More >
Three branches of the U.S. Military joined forces to install a 3.4 kilowatt AC solar electric system for the King family in South Los Angeles on Friday February 21st. This project came to be through the efforts of Geoff Harjo, a U.S. Army Veteran who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who is currently completing a 6-month fellowship with GRID Alternatives through The Mission Continues. Read More >
International work has always been part of GRID Alternatives' long-term vision of bringing solar to underserved communities. Read More >
This past February, GRID Alternatives took a group of volunteers from Sunrun on a powerful journey into the rural village of Portrero Sur, Nicaragua. Read More >
Rafael and his wife are both cancer survivors, proud parents, and now owners of a new solar PV system through GRID. Says Rafael, "It’s great to have something good finally happening." Read More >
On January 7th, 2014, students from University of Nebraska-Lincoln escaped the sub-zero temperatures of the recent Polar Vortex to enjoy two days of mild Goshen, California temperatures installing solar with GRID. The 26 students were part of the UNL Alternative Service Break Program, which aims to expose students to issues within different communities and immersing them in hands on experience to facilitate solutions. The group marveled at the diversity they saw in California, but were a diverse group themselves; from undergraduates to recent grads, from international students to a Central Valley native that came home to serve. Read More >
Living out each day with a life-threatening illness is a miracle. But for 3 year old Tamara's parents, it means more. It means a lifelong commitment to sustaining her medical equipment, and electric bills up to $350 each month. For GRID Alternatives and our supporters, it is a chance to provide a Roseville family a much needed measure of security. Read More >


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