10,000 reasons to celebrate!


April 09, 2018

GRID Alternatives has reached a major milestone -- 10,000 solar installations for low-income families! That’s a 42 megawatt, distributed clean energy power plant that’s saving families millions of dollars and cleaning up the air we breathe. Every solar panel installed is real progress towards a clean energy future where everyone participates and everyone benefits.

Since we started this work in 2004, the urgency for equitable solutions to climate change has only grown. Severe storms, sea level rise, and extreme temperatures are hitting low-income communities and communities of color the hardest. As it gets hotter, grandmas are choosing between turning on the air conditioning and buying their medicine. Meanwhile, folks need good jobs that don’t make them sick and pay a living wage. 

We’re ramping up our work in every direction, doing more and bigger projects, helping open new states to solar, and making sure that communities most impacted by climate change are the first to benefit from clean energy. Make a donation today and together we’ll build a clean energy future that benefits all of us. 

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far. We're excited for the next 10,000!

Tim Sears
Erica Mackie

-Tim and Erica
GRID Alternatives co-founders