Solarthon brings families "million-dollar quality of life"


June 17, 2013

From newly built affordable housing developments in the Central Valley to well established neighborhoods in San Diego, Solarthon is putting solar on rooftops all over California. Our annual solar block party and fundraiser has already lit up two communities and will be coming to at least five more in California before the year is up. It's about more than getting solar on roofs though; it's about the people doing the installations, and the people we're doing it for.

It's about homeowners in San Diego's Broadway Heights, where homeowner Robert Robinson, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, has been working to build a safer, cleaner neighborhood since 1997. He went solar through GRID last October, and helped bring Solarthon to Broadway Heights so that 11 more of his neighbors could get it too. "We might not live in a million dollar home but now we have a million dollar quality of life," said Mr. Robinson.

And it's about volunteers like Vanessa Montano, a construction management student at Fresno State University who came out for the Central Valley Solarthon in Goshen. Everyone from college students and job trainees to passionate professionals, first-time homebuyers and great-grandparents were out enjoying the experience, and after a hard day's work sat together comparing notes on the best way to pull wire or get their foot in the solar industry door.

"Instead of graduating with solely classroom instruction and no experience, I am able to gain hands-on experience in my field of study while helping a family," said Ms. Montano.

And of course it’s about clean air, which helps us all! Next up is Central Coast Solarthon in Monterey (sorry, registration is closed but stop by to check out our cool electric car show); Bay Area Solarthon in Richmond; and Greater Los Angeles Solarthon in Long Beach. Individual, team and corporate sponsors welcome!  Visit to get involved, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for announcements of these and other events in your area.