Succeeding During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted everything we do, and the new normal is yet to come. GRID’s Installation Basics Training (IBT 200) program is no exception; the impact of the pandemic lowered our training class frequency and class sizes dramatically. Fortunately, success is so much sweeter when you succeed knowing the odds are against you. 

Allan Zirate, a GRID Central Valley IBT 200 graduate, is a prime example of the incredible trainees that GRID has received at its doors since the pandemic. The pandemic made finding job training difficult for everyone, as training centers have been forced to close their doors and reduce class sizes. Nevertheless, Allan found GRID’s IBT 200 program and signed up for the waitlist. The growing solar industry’s demand, COVID-19 restrictions, and great interest in solar training meant Allan spent months waiting to join our training, but it was worth the wait. 




 Allan’s background is unique. He has a degree in Psychology, three years as a volunteer crisis counselor, over a year as a case manager, and eight months as a peer support specialist. He currently seeks a career change to become an electrician. Allan’s ability to learn is quick, and his goal is soon to become a reality. As an IBT 200 trainee, Allan stood out for his diligence and leadership at his graduate showcase, where trainees demonstrate their skill set to potential employers. 

Recently, GRID Central Valley had a Construction internship open up; Allan applied and officially started on his electrician path with GRID this month. Hours worked for GRID are hours earned to become an electrician! Overall, GRID celebrated Allan and a total of 133 job placements into the solar industry in 2020. Welcome to the team, Allan!