Revolutionizing the Road: The Navarro's CCFA Experience

Last year in the heart of San Jose, California, the Navarro Macias family embarked on a journey to not only upgrade their family vehicle, but also to contribute to a greener planet. The Navarro Macias family’s decision to participate in the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Clean Cars for All (CCFA) program was fueled by a desire to retire their almost 30 year old gas-guzzler, in favor of an eco-friendlier option.

Karla Navarro Macias first learned about the program through a commercial that caught her attention while browsing on her phone. Intrigued, she delved into online research and found that the program offered money to help people retire their older vehicles, with the option to replace it with a cleaner vehicle. After going back and forward between websites and forums, impressed by the legitimacy of the program and its website, Navarro Macias took the leap and contacted them to learn more.

After speaking with a case manager from GRID Alternatives, Navarro Macias received all the necessary forms and documents which she navigated with the help of a close friend. “My experience with my case manager was wonderful, it was extremely helpful that he communicated with me in Spanish because I am not fluent in English.” Navarro Macias said. Despite initial hesitations from her husband, Navarro's thorough planning and research paid off. Two weeks after providing all of the required information for her application, she received an award letter for $7,000.

The CCFA program not only provided financial assistance, but also provided Mrs. Navarro a list of authorized dealerships where she could explore her options. After visiting several, she finally found her perfect match—a 2019 Hybrid Ford Fusion. With the $7,000 grant, Mrs. Navarro Macias’ out-of-pocket expense for the vehicle was approximately $15,000, a significant savings compared to the originally quoted amount that was over $22,000.

The new hybrid vehicle has not only saved the family money at the gas pump, but has also significantly reduced their carbon footprint. Mrs. Navarro Macias is thrilled with her decision and encourages others not to hesitate to explore the CCFA program. “My case manager always made sure to check with me and let me know if I was missing something, it was a very wonderful experience working with my case manager,” Navarro Macias said.

Reflecting on her journey, Karla is grateful for the CCFA program’s impact on her family and the environment. She hopes to see the program extend its reach to more individuals and families, making eco-friendly vehicles accessible to all. Her story is a testament to the program’s effectiveness and a beacon of inspiration for others looking to make a difference, one car at a time.

CCFA is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment — particularly in disadvantaged communities. CCFA is administered by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and case management services are provided by GRID Alternatives.

The program recently relaunched in March with $28 million available for income-qualifying Bay Area residents who can receive up to $12,000 towards a new or used hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric, or fuel cell electric vehicle when they retire a 2007 or older gas vehicle. Additionally, up to $2,000 in charging incentives is available for those who purchase a plug-in electric vehicle. Residents can also opt for a pre-paid card to use for public transit and to purchase e-bikes and bike accessories.

Please visit the Clean Cars for All website at or contact a case manager at or 855-256-3656 for more information about the CCFA program and details on how to apply. You may also sign up for the CCFA mailing list on the website to stay updated on program developments.

There are many electric vehicle benefit programs out there, many of which can even pair with the Clean Cars for All program for extra help saving money.  Start your journey with Access Clean California.

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