Solar Spring Break

GRID Alternatives' Solar Spring Break is a service-learning program that gives college students from around the country the opportunity to spend their vacation week installing solar in underserved communities while learning how the power of the sun can bring real-world benefits to real-world economic problems. GRID Bay Area hosted a group of 11 UC Berkeley students for one week at the end of March. Solar Spring Break participants Sabina Mahavni and Taeri Song highlight their experience in this guest blog.

It’s spring break season! This year, we’re hosting four college teams here at GRID North Valley through our Solar Spring Break program. During the first week, eight students from Michigan State University’s Alternative Spartan Breaks (ASB) club spent a week with our team in Sacramento. ASB sends students on educational trips within the US and internationally to focus on sustainability, community development, and raising awareness for various social issues.  

Rodney took classes through GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit that specializes in solar projects. His mom made sure he made it to every class.

Rodney was leading a team of students from Georgia Tech. They’re spending their spring break installing the Flood’s panels then touring the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden.

GRID’s Solar Spring Break is a national alternative break program that has grown from six schools in 2014 to 22 schools in 2019, creating opportunities for students to make a difference in low-income communities while getting hands-on training in renewable energy.