Meet Marine veteran Eric Plowman, one of GRID IE’s newest SolarCorps Construction Fellows.
Troops to Solar volunteers install solar for Marine veteran and single-mother Karina Chavez.
“One thing I’ve really noticed about people working in wind or solar is that they’re passionate, they’re really into what they do,” says Mr. Pearson.
Cathlean Ramsey's tireless activism has significantly diminished crime rates in the Skyline Neighborhood, one of San Diego's most underserved communities.
“Firstly, don’t be afraid to call and see if you qualify, it’s easy and it doesn’t hurt."
A group of 10 U.S. military veterans install solar for fellow a veteran in Gardena, California as part of our Troops to Solar program.
On a sunny Saturday morning in June, five women came together to volunteer in a South Sacramento neighborhood by installing a solar array. Many of them had never met one another or the homeowner they served, but they were all held together by a common bond: each of these women, along with GRID Outreach Coordinator Kim Garrett, comes from a background of military service.
Here at GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles, we are proud to be to engaging veterans through our Troops to Solar initiative.
“I love nature and believe it is our responsibility to take care of it” states Nichol Conigliaro. Nichol is a Navy veteran and recent graduate from the job training program, Proteus Inc. “I learned about GRID Alternatives through Proteus. I had such a great time with everyone and loved that we were a team” stated Nichol.
Mr. Dominguez says that when he and his wife, Carmen got more AC units to cope with the heat, their electric bill jumped to $300 a month. “I just didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t believe it,” he says.