A HUGE Thank You to all our supporters, sponsors, and volunteers for the great turnout at Solarthon 2014!
Jim’s love for solar started decades ago. In a woodworking class he participated in a group project to create a solar cooker, warming a hot dog on a chilly Michigan spring day. One swine sausage later he was hooked. “I thought the whole idea behind solar, collecting power from the sun, was the way to go.”
Our Hollister Summer Immersion in Solar enabled us to provide volunteers and job trainees with real-world experience through hands on training in solar installation both on the roof and the ground. It also gave us a chance to pilot Troops to Solar and Students for Solar, two of our new Workforce Development Initiatives and enabled us to have two Women’s Builds as part of our National Women in Solar Initiative.
Here on the Central Coast we are excited to introduce some of our workforce development initiatives that have been gaining momentum over the summer, including Troops to Solar, Youth in Solar, and Women in Solar.
We interviewed Veteran Nathan Edwards about his experience with GRID Alternatives. Read on to see how volunteering with GRID helped him as he made a major career move.
GRID Bay Area partnered with our local Genentech office in South San Francisco as part of the annual, nation-wide Genentech Gives Back Week to bring solar to a disabled combat veteran and his family in San Jose.
Our Solar Construction Intern Finds Employment at Verengo Solar.
Gregory Willis, a Marine Corps Veteran, retired in the same Compton neig
Veteran Geoff Harjo talks about his experience working with GRID Alternatives.
Three branches of the U.S. Military joined forces to install a 3.4 kilowatt AC solar electric system for the King family in South Los Angeles on Friday February 21st. This project came to be through the efforts of Geoff Harjo, a U.S. Army Veteran who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who is currently completing a 6-month fellowship with GRID Alternatives through The Mission Continues.