Growing Pains


June 24, 2019

Imagine the heartache of finding out that your little girl was diagnosed with cancer.  The financial stress of the utility bill alone would bring one to tears! What would you do knowing that your budget would either cover your child care needs or your utility cost, but not both?  Imagine the relief a no-cost GRID Alternatives solar installation would bring to your financial distress. Such is the case of Hermila, GRID Alternatives’ client.

One night late from work Juan, Hermila’s husband heard the heart wrenching, but suppressed cry of his very tough eleven-year-old daughter Diana.  The very next day, Juan took the day off work and drove 90 miles to the nearest children’s hospital. The diagnosis revealed an advanced case Ewing Sarcoma, a painful bone cancer.  A misdiagnosis of “growing pains” permitted the cancer to go undetected for over a year, and the pain to get so severe that a medically induced coma was prescribed by the doctors. However, Diana did not want to take the risk of not ever seeing her parents again, so she chose not to allow the medically induced coma.  Instead, it took a seven-day epidural combined with three prescription medications to control the pain. Dad’s actions had saved his little girl.


                                                                                                                                          Two years into Diana’s treatment, the pain and financial strain intensified for Hermila when Juan died unexpectedly of heart failure. Hermila was left behind, two months pregnant with baby number six, and five other young children to care for on her own.  Tragedy affected the family from all angles and it would take a loving community to help the family.


In October of 2018, GRID Alternatives reached out to Hermila and installed her solar system.  The solar system from GRID significantly reduced Hermila’s energy bill from a monthly average of $300.00 to just $5.00 a month!  Hermila and her family are grateful that the energy savings will now provide money to cover other family bills. 

Hermila and her family have had to endure the loss of a loving husband and father, experienced a daughter’s cancer relapse, chemo and radiation treatments with permanent third degree scarring to Diana’s left leg, in addition to countless 180 -mile trips to children’s hospital for follow-ups. 

The good news is that Diana’s cancer is in remission!  GRID’s helping hand has impacted Hermila and her family by helping to lighten the load she carries.  GRID Alternatives has helped to make a life-changing difference! We send Hermila and her family our best wishes for a very bright future.