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After working 20 years in the food service business, Doug Hackett felt unenthused and discontent with the lack of upward mobility in the industry. So when he saw a posting on Craigslist about Rising Sun Energy Center, a leading green training, employment, and residential efficiency organization based out of Berkeley, he jumped at the chance to turn his career in a new direction with Rising Sun and, ultimately, with GRID Alternatives Bay Area. Read More >
This is your last chance to show your support, spread the word, and help us cross the finish line strong on August 6th to #PowerUpNepal! We can do it! But we need your help. Read More >
The village of Dhapchung, Nepal may seem worlds away from where you sit right now reading these words. In fact, GRID Alternatives’ headquarters office in Oakland, CA is situated more than 7,500 miles across the Pacific. But thanks to Chris Fearon, a dedicated volunteer and supporter of GRID, Dhapchung feels much closer. Chris offers us a glimpse into the resilience, vibrancy, and humanity of Dhapchung through his own eyes. Read More >
A group of 10 U.S. military veterans install solar for fellow a veteran in Gardena, California as part of our Troops to Solar program. Read More >
Passionate about cycling, raising awareness about climate change, and supporting GRID? Participate in one of this year's Climate Ride events! Read More >
GRID is excited to be part of the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Savings for All Americans Initiative, announced today to ensure that every family in the United States has access to solar energy. Read More >
Community-based solar micro-grids have great potential to contribute to development around the world. Yet today, few rural micro-grid models exist that are self-sustaining and meet the long-term needs of beneficiaries. GRID Alternatives and Gham Power are on a mission to change that. Read More >
In many developing communities around the globe, women spend a significant portion of their day gathering wood for cooking and walking hours to the nearest town to purchase kerosene for lighting. Because women are responsible for cooking and lighting in their households, they are disproportionately exposed to the toxic fumes from these fuels. What if the people that energy poverty affects the most could become the leaders of the clean energy revolution? What if women could gain back their productive hours, expand energy access in rural regions, and earn an income all at once? Read More >
A year after the devastating earthquake, Nepali people are still moving from rubble to reconstruction. Now, GRID’s International Program is leading a project to bring solar to one of the most impacted communities, the mountain village of Dhapchung. GRID is partnering with the Digo Bikas Institute to apply a sustainable development approach to transform Dhapchung, Nepal with the power of electricity. Read on to learn more about the Power Up Nepal project and see how community development can be catalyzed by solar energy. Read More >
GRID Alternatives is excited to announce a new partnership with the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) at UC Berkeley that will integrate robust academic research into GRID projects that provide access to electricity in places beyond the reach of the power grid. Read More >


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