Solar Spring Break

GRID North Valley welcomed a Solar Spring Break team of veterans from Perry Technical Institute from Washington for a week of hands-on solar training and service.
The City of Pittsburg baked in the springtime sun as Steven Chan sought shelter underneath a sprawling, leafy tree. Along with eleven other students from the University of California, Berkeley, Steven was spending day two of his spring break week not on the beach, but rather installing solar for low-income families and translating classroom concepts to real solutions as a part of GRID Bay Area’s Solar Spring Break program.
Seeing everything that makes an office like ours function, from project design to warehousing, produced a deeper understanding of solar careers.
April is national volunteer month and GRID Inland Empire kicked it off early with a Volunteer Appreciation event on March 8.
Nearly 200 college students are trading the beach for a rooftop this spring! Students from 19 schools across the country will spend their school break installing no-cost solar for low-income families through Solar Spring Break.
Anuj Thakkar has a passion for renewable energy, battery storage technologies and micro grid solutions.
This past March, GRID Alternatives Central Coast, Atascadero office, was honored to host students from North Carolina State University and University of Nevada-Reno for two AMAZING Solar Spring Break weeks! Solar Spring Break gives college students from around the country the opportunity to spend their spring vacation week installing solar in underserved communities. These students give back too! They raise money to participate and GRID CC gives them a week full of authentic, local experiences.
An alternative kind of spring break vacation is now trending for college