On a Friday morning in mid May, 16 students, dressed in button up shirts and shined shoes, began filing into GRID Alternatives’ Bay Area training space. The students had just finished a month of intensive hands-on solar training - the longest solar cohort training to date in the Bay Area - with GRID Alternatives and Rising Sun Energy Center, a Berkeley-based job training nonprofit and longtime partner of GRID’s. Each student walked with a little extra pep in their step knowing that they were prepared for the the private job fair with local hiring employers that took place on their last day of the month-long training.
Parksdale Subdivision in Madera, California was the location for this year's Solarthon.
The City of Rancho Cucamonga is nestled between Los Angeles and San Bern
Once a year GRID Alternatives celebrates Earth Day through our activities and projects that help people make greener energy choices. As the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, GRID is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in communities plagued with poor air quality.
On the rooftop of a San Francisco family, a whole GRID community comes together for a brighter future for all.
Solarthon, a solar installation block party and fundraiser is an annual
As part of our annual Central Valley Solarthon, which was held this year
In early December, at our annual Central Valley Solarthon, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation announced a new $500,000 workforce development grant for GRID!
Of course, all the Galaxy's efforts along these avenues align perfectly with our work helping Carson go green.
Solarthon is GRID Alternatives’ flagship community installation event, bringing together people from all walks of life – including individual volunteers, corporate sponsors, and community leaders – and with the completion of this achievement low-income residents of Los Angeless will benefit from over $200,000 in lifetime savings.