HQ - Maricela M. Tapia

Maricela M. Tapia
Media Coordinator
Maricela joins GRID Alternatives Headquarters as the Media Coordinator (part-time). She also serves GRID Alternatives, Central Valley as the Volunteer and Training Coordinator since March of 2019. At GRID Central Valley, she established and manages the social media channels. She holds a bachelor's of Food Science - Nutrition/Culinology degree. She has a background in food technology, food law, photography, videography, and teaching K-12 school subjects. While in college, she took a course in volunteering, loved it, and put in numerous hours of volunteer work. Currently, she has over ten years of combined volunteer experience, taking on a variety of tasks from writing weekly newsletters, aiding in fundraisers, helping in soup kitchens, recruiting, and training volunteers for nonprofit events. She believes that volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to one’s community, the environment, and the best real-world experience for all. She is excited to join GRID Alternatives HQ as the part-time Social Media Coordinator!