November 13, 2020
Solidarity - written below a fist, growing out of the ground with roots.

With a historic election turnout, the win for President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris gives us a fighting chance for environmental justice, a future powered by equitable clean energy, and an economy built on renewable energy jobs that benefits everyone. 

At GRID, equity is our central value. We celebrate shattering so many glass ceilings on November 3rd. The election of Kamala Harris makes her the first Black, Indian and Caribbean American woman to serve in the country’s second-highest office. This win was echoed around the country - Delaware elected the country’s first openly transgender state senator, and New York elected the country’s first two openly LGBTQ Black members of Congress, among other historical firsts and significant state-level environmental wins.

This election also shows us how much farther we have to go. Our work for racial and environmental justice continues. Thank you for your continued service in this work. In the coming months and years, we will need your sustained support. We won’t achieve a just, clean energy future unless we continue to work together and take action.

At this moment, we redouble our commitment to the fight. We invite you to join us on this journey. 

GRID Alternatives is a signatory on the Frontline Climate Justice Executive Action Platform, proposing a set of executive actions for the incoming administration that will equitably address the climate crisis. GRID’s own policy team is also working to build federal policy recommendations for the Biden-Harris administration and the next Congress:

  • Expand access to solar and energy storage to create resilient communities
  • Establish equitable federal climate and environmental justice policy
  • Drive community ownership of distributed energy
  • Support job training and career opportunities in renewable energy
  • Expand access to electric vehicles and clean mobility options

We knew this wasn’t going to be easy when we started, and we appreciate your support every step of the way.

We look to the future with aspiration, we look to each other for strength, and we look forward to continuing our work creating a brighter, cleaner future for all.

With hope and resilience, 
GRID Alternatives