Environmental Justice

Watts could benefit just as much as more privileged communities do from clean driving, and consumers had a way to save money by going electric.
We’re excited to partner with Energy Upgrade California to educate and inspire communities to conserve electricity and preserve our environment.
It’s been a year since Solar Works DC launched - see the impacts to date!
Outreach & Partnerships Manager Stella Ursua will address city councilmembers to make sure people across Long Beach get senses of our impact.
Our Board is a Wealth of Experience and Knowledge
Senator Kevin de León celebrates pairing of two state programs that are easing the energy burden for low-income households and providing local job training.
Since we started GRID in 2004, the urgency for equitable solutions to climate change has only grown. As it gets hotter, seniors are choosing between turning on the air conditioning and buying their medicine. Meanwhile, folks need good jobs that pay a living wage and don’t make them sick.
My name is Sawani Poornima Goonatilleke and I am a junior at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), pursuing a B.S. in Sustainability.
Today, between 500,000 and a million people call this side of town "home."