Environmental Justice

Earlier this year, GRID joined the Global Climate Strike as a supporting organization, and many of our staff across the country joined locally organized events and demonstrations to show solidarity. Our Communications Assistant, Marissa Leshnov, joined members of our Bay Area team to document the climate strike in San Francisco, California.
Meet Pooja Ravindran, GRID's Illinois Solar for All Workforce Program Manager.
This month's roundup includes a long-awaited update on the D.C. Comprehensive Plan Framework, as well as information on the General Assembly elections in Virginia next month.
Hannon Armstrong's corporate workday installation with GRID Mid-Atlantic provided an opportunity for Hannon Armstrong’s employees to see the direct impacts of renewable energy investment, and for some, see a solar installation for the first time.
On September 20th, four million people across the globe took to the streets to demand climate action.
This month's edition of the GRID Mid-Atlantic Policy Roundup features very promising updates nationwide and in Virginia that aim to make clean energy available to all, including low-income communities and communities of color.
Tesfaye and his family will move into their new Habitat for Humanity home in September. The solar panels on their roof, installed by GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic, will help the family save 60% or more on their monthly electric bills.
Taking Charge of Your Energy Use.
Good morning from the Mid-Atlantic region! This is the second edition of the GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic Policy Roundup, keeping you up-to-date on renewable energy policy in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. This month’s edition includes some ups and some downs in terms of renewable energy policy. We continue, however, to be inspired to search for solutions that make renewable energy available to everyone.