GRID North Valley Solar Service is Essential


April 20, 2020
solar installers stand on roof with banner

At a time when many California residents have reduced or lost incomes due to local shelter-in-place directives, the work of GRID Alternatives is more relevant than ever. Since we opened in 2011, we have served over 1,450 families in the North Valley region of California to save them an estimated $42 million in collective utility costs. GRID's work is essential, and we are doubling down on our commitment to support local homeowners with no-cost solar to help with paying crucial utility bills, which are most likely increasing because of more time spent at home.

As we endure the experience of the COVID-19 global pandemic together, we are reminded of our shared humanity and how we’re all connected. Our solar installers are still on the rooftops of your community, working to strengthen our web of inter-reliance through electric power to make GRID's vision of facilitating an inclusive transition to clean, renewable energy a reality.

Crew member Carlos expanded on the significance of this after a recent install: "During these tough times, it is vital that we can trust and depend on those around us. Specifically at GRID, this means trusting that our management team and crew members will be socially responsible to keep themselves and in turn the whole team safe and healthy. More than ever, we must put in extra effort to ensure our clients and business partners can trust us as well. With statistics now revealing that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting disadvantaged community members and communities of color, I believe GRID‘s services are as important as ever. Continuing our efforts at GRID is essential because we are helping to make energy access more equitable." 

We're still taking new clients and committed to spreading solar throughout the region. Remember to refer your qualifying neighbors, family members, and friends to receive a no-cost, no-contact (for now) solar installation, and keep an eye out for us on a North Valley rooftop near you!