Staff Spotlight: Meet Catalina Coz!

March Staff Spotlight: Meet Catalina Coz!

Welcome to our March installment of our Staff Spotlight feature, where we share a brief interview to introduce you to some of our amazing staff members here at GRID Bay Area! Since March is National Women’s History Month, we wanted to introduce an amazing woman, Catalina Coz, who is one of GRUD's incredible Outreach Coordinators! Catalina’s passion for the community shines through her work every day as she helps connect clients to GRID’s services. Keep reading to learn more about Catalina!

Gender pronouns?


How did you come to GRID?

I was a social worker before joining GRID. My work focused on campaigns against human trafficking, domestic violence, and child abuse. I also advocated for immigrant and women’s rights. I found GRID through an ad online, and although I did not have experience in the solar industry, I deeply connected with its mission to help underserved communities, and decided to pursue environmental justice as my next challenge. I started in 2011 as an Outreach Coordinator for the Central Coast office, and then came to the Bay Area in 2014.

What GRID value most resonates with you?

It’s a tie between Equity and Collaboration! To me, equity is about making sure that everyone has the support they need to succeed, and collaboration goes directly into that. Both of these push forward our work so much, especially in Outreach where we’re frequently traveling and working on the weekends to accommodate the schedules of our clients. It’s not just about meeting number goals but changing people’s lives for the better by helping them go solar – so one person’s success means everyone’s success. It’s a group effort, and people at GRID are here for that reason.

Favorite GRID moment?

My favorite moment was having lunch with a client during their solar installation. He and his family were political refugees from Yemen. They prepared traditional Yemeni food and explained to me what was happening in their home country. It was a powerful, emotional and eye opening moment for me, realizing the world that they had left and the courage they had to start over. I think that exchange really helped me see beyond the numbers and into the people whose lives we were helping improve. They are people that have endured violence, war, and separation from loved ones, yet they still have a message of peace to share -- that is pure inspiration to me.

Fun fact about you?

I love watching Mexican novelas! The more dramatic and emotional, the better. I also like making art on the wall with my two-year-old and her friends.