Press Releases

A pioneering solar microgrid installed on The Chemeheuvi Reservation in Lake Havasu, California is at the leading edge of the state’s community resiliency efforts. The 90 kW carport system, the result of a partnership between The University of California, Riverside, The Chemeheuvi Tribe and GRID Alternatives with funding from the California Energy Commission, will provide a battery backed power source for the tribe’s community center, saving lives during grid outages and lowering the tribe’s energy costs. 

GRID Alternatives announced the launch of an initiative to bring its solar program to communities in need in neighboring Mexico. In October, staff from GRID Alternatives’ San Diego affiliate and International Program successfully completed GRID's first Mexico project, travelling across the border to install a no-cost solar electric system benefiting children at a Baja, California orphanage.

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO), GRID Alternatives (GRID), and Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (PVREA) announce the development of a 1.95MW community solar project that will lower the electric bills of qualified low-income residents, affordable housing providers and nonprofit organizations in the utility’s service territory.