Press Releases

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted yesterday to approve program implementation for the Disadvantaged Communities - Single-family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH) program, which is being administered by GRID through our Energy for All program.  

The California Department of Community Services and Development (CSD) today announced final awards totaling $4.4 million to GRID Alternatives for two Community Solar Pilot projects in Contra Costa and Riverside Counties. These first-in-California low-income community solar projects are part of California Climate Investments and will make the cost-saving benefits of solar energy accessible to more low-income households while contributing to California’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

GRID Alternatives has been selected by the California Public Utilities Commission to administer the Disadvantaged Communities - Single-family Solar Homes (DAC-SASH) program. The program builds on California’s long-standing and successful Single-family Affordable Solar Homes program, also administered by GRID Alternatives, providing long-term funding to bring solar power to households located in California’s most disadvantaged communities.