My Bill

Most questions about your electric bill are best answered by your electric utility provider. Select your utility from the list below to learn more about reading your electric bill after going solar.

Why did my electric bill go up?

Has your electric rate changed? Most California customers' rate plans are being changed by their electric utility provider sometime between 2020 and 2022. Contact your electric provider to find out more. 

In addition, the solar system was designed based on how much energy you used in your home the year before the system was installed. Is it possible that you are using more energy now than you were back then? Do you spend more time at home? Have your energy habits changed? Do more people live in your household? Did you add new electronics or appliances? Think about all the ways you use electricity in your home now and learn more about smart energy choices here.

It is also important to remember that the solar system will produce more electricity in the summer months compared to winter months. 

Be careful and watch out for scams!

With solar panels on your home you will still always have an electric bill from your utility provider for any amount of electricity that you use in your home that is more than the amount produced by the solar panels, plus required fees. You are responsible for paying this. However, if anyone else ever asks you for additional money in relation to the solar panels, please contact GRID Alternatives immediately. You do not owe anything for the system.

Still have questions? Here's who to contact.