Solar Power for La Casa del Jardin, Baja California, México

Installers holding solar panel
Solar will lower the orphanage's electric bill, saving the orphanage money each month.

In the heart of Tijuana, Mexico, and the United States intersect at a place of refuge and renewal—a sanctuary known as La Casa del Jardín. Nestled amidst the urban tapestry of hope and hardship, this haven stands as a beacon of light for boys, girls, and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 who are recovering from human trafficking. 

Casa del Jardin Orphanage

Founded in 2013 through the unwavering dedication of the International Network of Hearts, La Casa del Jardín orphanage emerged in Baja California. It began as a testament to resilience and solidarity—a response to the deep-seated injustices that strip individuals of their dignity and freedom. The story of La Casa del Jardín is rooted in a powerful vision—to restore what was stolen, to fiercely advocate for rights, and to break the cycle of exploitation that traps so many. This vision ignited a mission to offer more than temporary shelter; it aimed to provide comprehensive support and empower survivors through every step of their journey. Currently, La Casa del Jardin serves 35 young residents.

Casa del Jardin Orphanage

As La Casa del Jardín continues to evolve, its vision remains steadfast: A world where women and children are valued, protected from violence and exploitation and their human rights are defended. It stands not just as a shelter but as a symbol of hope—a beacon that guides us toward a world where every individual's inherent dignity is cherished, protected, and upheld.

Casa del Jardin girls


In October 2024 GRID and a group of international travelers from IGS Energy will install an 8kW grid-tied solar system for La Casa del Jardin. The solar system will significantly reduce the monthly electric bill and allow for the home to invest the savings to make needed reparations to their newly acquired building.

Thank you, IGS Energy, for supporting this project.