"Living in Japan, you see how everything they do is based on saving something, whether it's energy, water or other resources," said Norm Graham. "That's the life they live. Every other house in Japan had solar panels. I thought "why can't we have that here in America?"
GRID Greater Los Angeles hosted its first women's build this past weekend. Women from as far as Washington DC, Delaware, Colorado and Arizona and as close as East LA and Santa Monica came together to cooperatively install a 1.8 kW system for the Galarza family in Watts.
A father of five, Eduardo Huerta was out of work for 13 months due to a car accident. Today he's aiming for a new career in solar.
The Bay Area team would like to send a big thank you to the Berkeley Energy and Resources Group (ERG), who not only completed a solar installation for the Thompson family in Richmond last weekend but also raised nearly $7,500 to support GRID!