Environmental Justice

Welcome to this month’s GRID Mid-Atlantic Policy Roundup, keeping you up-to-date on renewable energy policy that promotes equity and racial justice in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and nationally.
Legislators across our region and on Capitol Hill are considering a vast array of proposals that would affect GRID Mid-Atlantic’s work, and the communities that we work with. GRID Mid-Atlantic and our allies are weighing in to urge that new policies are driven by equity and inclusion, and to ensure that tangible benefits of clean energy are truly accessible to all.
Construction leapt into action when this week started, traveling to the portside community of Wilmington in Los Angeles' industrialized south.
At GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic, our work centers on the knowledge that climate action, environmental justice, and economic development go hand-in-hand. GRID Mid-Atlantic is thrilled that the new Biden Administration is putting this recognition into action with a series of strong Executive Orders issued during its first week in office. We look forward to working with policymakers as they implement and build on them.
Growing interest in microgids is now forcing utilities and regulators to
GRID Alternatives strongly condemns the violent assault that took place in our nation’s capitol on January 6th. Our thoughts are with our Mid-Atlantic staff, all those whose home city was invaded by white supremacists, everyone on Capitol Hill who was terrorized, and all who continue to be appalled, hurt, and frightened by the attempted coup.
On Wednesday, January 6th, thousands of supporters of Donald Trump marched towards the US Capitol in an effort to disrupt the democratic transfer of power to incoming President Joe Biden. When the mob of right-wing extremists arrived at the Capitol building, they proceeded with their orchestrated attack by pressing through security and eventually breaching the Senate chamber.
GRID Alternatives continues to make a huge impact on the communities we serve, despite this challenging Covid-19 pandemic year. Here’s an overview of GRID Alternative Inland Empire’s (GRID IE) accomplishments in 2020:
Despite the unprecedented action, inequality is not a new or unrecognize