Environmental Justice

Lynn moved to the Town of Paradise in 2012 to retire in a small town surrounded by nature. She quickly became a fixture in the local yoga community, where she taught popular yoga classes. The morning of the 2018 Camp Fire she was on her way to teach a class when a neighbor called to let her know how quickly the fire was spreading and to evacuate immediately. What was normally a 20-minute drive down the hill took over 4 hours with backed up traffic; people trying to evacuate on the same small road.

“Sunrun’s mission is to create a planet run by the sun,” said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. “We’re working with leading non-profit organizations around the country to ensure no one is left behind as we build the clean energy future.”

From Climate Change to Climate Emergency to Climate Crisis…

Or as someone recently said, “Climate Chaos.” During the years I’ve been writing about the climate, the situation has become more and more dire. When I went to the Climate March in NYC in 2014, workshop speakers, in the days before the march, told us that we had 30-40 years before the effects of “climate change” would become onerous. I traveled to NYC on the People’s Climate Train, with 171 other people, one-quarter of whom—including me—were over 60.